Our Services

Portfolio Social Enterprises

We offer a range of services to help nurture your business goals and social values to the social enterprises we support which include:

  • Fund raising
  • Legal advisors
  • Finance and Bookkeeping
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement 
  • Marketing and Presentation support
  • Technology support and connecting with technology partners
  • Travel planning
  • Networking and Introductions
  • Impact Assessments for Social Enterprises Solutions
  • Prototyping of Ideas & Innovations (e.g. partner with local universities to have access to machinery such as 3D Printers)
  • Setting up Test Cases and subject testing (e.g. having university students in different Asian countries run test cases of an idea/technology even before the social enterprise enters a new market)
  • Access to Asian BoP market data and research (BoP Hub or partner will collate this information, which already exists in the market, just fragmented)

Poverty Stoplight

In our mission to improve lives and disrupt poverty, we have partnered with Fundacion Paraguaya to be an Asian hub for Poverty Stoplight – a platform that helps people lift themselves and their communities out of poverty. Using technology and social innovation, we find solutions to activate the potential of families.

A quick, practical and visual survey helps families easily identify areas in their lives which are in poverty. With our help, families then design and implement a poverty elimination plan based on their situation, motivation and skills.

The Stoplight methodology is based on four insights. First, poverty is about much more than insufficient income. We measure up to 50 different aspects of poverty which affect the lowest income families in any given geography. Secondly, poverty doesn’t affect families uniformly; each family has a different set of poverty-related situations to resolve. Thirdly, the main protagonists in eliminating poverty must be the families themselves – institutions, however farsighted or well funded, do not have sufficient insight into individual families or sufficient resources to permanently eliminate poverty on their behalf. Fourthly, a poverty elimination strategy must be scalable, which means it must cost very little to implement and ultimately must sustain itself financially.

We touch families through two main avenues:-

Institutions – through NGOs, Governments and Foundations, Poverty Stoplight can be utilized to better understand the needs of the communities they serve or identify new communities which are in need of their solutions.

Corporates – we offer an impactful way to reposition corporate CSR programs to focus on the families of their employees and how they can add value to their wellbeing. By solving stressful situations at home created by poverty, employees become more productive and companies build loyalty.

Contact us at info@www.site.bophub.org to see how your organization can utilize Poverty Stoplight to improve the lives of your communities today.

For more information please see www.povertystoplight.org.