Social Enterprises

Our growing list of portfolio companies and projects demonstrates BoP Hub’s experience and commitment to coordinating and promoting cross-sector collaboration between players from every sector and industry, who are committed to designing business to disrupt poverty. 


45Rice is a portfolio company under BoP Hub which fortifies rise with much needed micronutrients for migrant workers in Asia and the Middle East. Food Fortification is a proven and preferred strategy in the prevention and management of micronutrient deficiencies. 45Rice currently distributes its products to migrant workers in Singapore through B2B and B2C strategies. For more information please see

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School of Gumption (SoG) is a portfolio company which creates learning programs to help foster social entrepreneurship with young, budding entrepreneurs in Asia. SoG’s programs focus on the softer skills needed to design businesses that not only have economic benefits but also social impact, both metrics being valuable in determining the total return provided to all stakeholders. SoG achieves this by imparting their 6C philosophies (calmness, compassion, courage, curiosity, commitment and collaboration). In addition to these vital traits for success in building social enterprises, SoG also helps enhance practical skills through prototype building and business skills.

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MyCrop is a portfolio company which provides a complete suite of management solutions through internet-based applications for farms and farmers at the base of the pyramid. These products and services include farm management tools that help farmers plan their harvests in the most efficient manner, a seamless system which provides actionable insights to farmers about what they need to do next and how they should do it which leads to improved decisions and precision in farming, and a platform which connects farmers directly to buyers of their crops and sellers of inputs needed to maximize yields. MyCrop current operates in Indonesia and India and have won awards from both the Indian Government and the World Economic Forum as one the most valuable technology pioneers in the world. For more information please see


BoP Hub has partnered with bB for the launch of its newest product winterHYDE, an innovative life-saving tent for the homeless and refugees living in freezing temperatures. WinterHYDE is lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble, private and roomy enough for a family of five. BillionBricks has recognised that the extreme challenges facing the homeless are currently underserved by existing solutions. This game-changing shelter can not only trap hubB winterHYDE tentman body heat, but is resistant to wind, water and all types of corrosion.

WinterHYDE has been user-tested in India and is currently ready for production and deployment. BoP Hub will co-host the launch event of winterHYDE in January 2016.

billionBricks (bB) is a Singapore-based non-profit enterprise that helps the homeless via design, architecture and technology initiatives. It was founded in 2013 with the belief that buildings for the poor should be built and designed well.

For additional information please visit billionBricks’ website here.