The DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia 2018 kicks off again and our Chairman has been selected as one of the finalist judges.

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SVCAsia2017 SqrBoP Hub is continually building bridges within the BoP space.

DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge

This year, we will have 2 distinct categories:
· Idea

· Enterprise
This initiative is to support social ventures in various stages of development. Also, more teams will be awarded prize money 2 teams in Idea Category with S$5000 each, and 6 teams in Enterprise category with S$20k each).
For post-competition support, there will be a signature programme by DBS Foundation for the finalists. It is in hope that these will support more teams in a more holistic way. In terms of timeline, applications are now open till 14th May and finale will be in early October.

As such, we will need to help them with publicising some of their e-brochure/EDM and FB page on our WTO, BoP Hub, 45Rice websites, FB, LinkedIn or other social media website(s) that we have.


BoP World Convention & Expo 2016

Date: 20~22 September 2016

Location: ITE Central, Singapore

Summary: Mass Collaboration Across All Sectors

BoP 2016 will serve as a knowledge‐sharing platform focusing on solving problems and some significant challenges such as energy, water, sanitation, healthcare, or accessing affordable mobile & digital services. Participants will brainstorm together how by redefining business models, improving existing solutions or create new ones that can sustainably increase profits, productivity and prosperity around the world.

BoP is the foremost‐dedicated action‐led platform that engages business leaders, policy makers, social entrepreneurs, leaders from non‐profit sector, charity foundations and government officials to meet and create concrete solutions to build a sustainable and better world.

By fostering partnerships, providing strategic advice, and driving ground breaking technologies, innovations and ideas toward effective solutions, BoP World Convention 2016 will help to create more promising social enterprises, more business and job opportunities to alleviate poverty, a cleaner environment, and increase access to education, health and housing.



BoP World Convention & Expo 2015

Date: 1-3 December 2015

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Summary: “Breaking down the Walls for Change”


2nd BoP Global Network Summit

Date: 16-17 July 2015

Location: Vermont, USA

Summary: Sustainable Entrepreneurship From the Bottom Up.


AVPN Conference 2015

Date: 20-23 April 2015

Location: Singapore

Summary: Venture Philanthropy in Practice.


BoP World Convention & Expo 2014

Date: 28-30 August 2014

Location: Singapore

Summary: A Brave New Marketplace: Unleashing Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid was the theme of the inaugural BoP World Convention & Expo. This is a unique forum that encourages keep stakeholders from multiple sectors and industries to share knowledge, engage with issues and explore partnerships to bring sustainable and affordable solutions to the base of the pyramid.


Global Impact Forum

Date: 8-9 October 2014

Location: Zurich, Switzerland

Summary: The Global Impact Forum is a two-day partnering event with a uniquely forward-thinking and outsomes-orientated design. The forum presents exceptional social entrepreneurs and impact leaders to an audience of potential partners. Connections are made using an efficient system that allows attendees to screen potential partners and pre-arrange one-to-one meetings. Carofullycurated presentations, high level speakers, and an exciting mic of participants.