We believe in nurturing an efficient and collaborative ecosystem of partners who are passionate about the empowerment of the BoP community through the creation of a vibrant BoP marketplace. Breaking down silos across the social, business, and public sectors is at the heart of what we do at BoP Hub. 


As part of our strategy to encourage collaboration in designing solutions for BoP markets, BoP Hub has partnered with Seats2Meet to develop a network of co-working spaces for social entrepreneurs to use social capital to share ideas, experience and knowledge.  The BoP Hub Design Center will act as a regional hub with spoke locations scattered throughout South East Asia.

To find out more about Seats2Meet please click here. If you are interested in becoming a spoke location within this dynamic network please contact us at

In our mission to improve lives and disrupt poverty, we have partnered with Fundacion Paraguaya to be an Asian hub for Poverty Stoplight – a platform that helps people lift themselves and their communities out of poverty. Using technology and social innovation, we find solutions to activate the potential of families.

For more information please click here.