Base of the Pyramid HUB

Designing Business To Disrupt Poverty

BoP World Convention & Expo

A global platform which promotes business and collaboration between all stakeholders in the BoP marketplace; including MNCs, SMEs, Social Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Development Agencies, NGOs, Investors, Governments, and Research Institutions

BoP Accelerator

Accelerating proven social entrepreneurship models through a multi-stakeholder joint venture social enterprises. The strategy is to aggregate and bundle products and services with distribution, logistics, economies of scale, public policy, design, and technology to create “faster, easier, better, cheaper” ways of delivering goods and services.

Shared Services Centre

The Shared Services Centre will service our portfolio social enterprises developed by the BoP Accelerator. The SSC will handle back-end business functions and allow the JV social enterprises to focus on its primary business functions.

BoP Design Centre

A 30,000 sq ft physical space that will serve as the global epicenter for business and trade in the BoP marketplace. A 24/7 operating timeless zone, the BoP Design Centre will coordinate business activities and convene different sectors and stakeholders to create a more efficient marketplace. Alongside the physical space, the BoP Design Centre will be a virtual space that maps, matches, and motivates the resources, tools, and players in the BoP marketplace.


The Base of the Pyramid (BoP) market presents a large but challenging opportunity to scale and transform lives. For the past decade, there has been substantial growth in BoP ventures, provision of quality services to the poor, as well as investor interest in the market. However, there is also a growing recognition of limitations that can affect venture sustainability, scalability and success.

We improve lives at the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) by catalysing and strengthening cross-sector collaboration and participation in inclusive business models focused for the BoP marketplace.

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